Facial Kits


Metallic Kits:

Enhances your looks for a special occasion. Use of Gold, Diamond, Pearl or Silver dust gives that special metallic radiance.  The added nourishing ingredients offer deep skin conditioning and softness to the skin.

  1. Gold Facial Kit
  2. Silver Facial Kit
  3. Diamond Facial Kit
  4. Pearl Facial Kit

Fruit Range:

Contains fruit extracts for that clean and fresh looking skin

  1. Papaya Facial Kit
  2. Red Apple Facial Kit
  3. Fruit Facial Kit

Nature range:

Takes inspiration from nature & uses flower & plant extracts to ensure that gentle ingredients are used for facials

  1. Aloe Vera Facial Kit
  2. Oxygen Facial Kit
  3. Flower Power Facial Kit

Treatment range:

Treatment Kits are used by beauticians to focus on a specific result such as reduction of acne etc…Kits such as Acne Facial Kit reduces the acne & pimples making the skin smoother. The facial needs to be done on regular basis for enhanced results.

Luxury Range:

For that special luxuriant feeling .In this range we have Choco Wine Facial Kit which combines the luxurious feel of Chocolate and Wine for a youthful and smooth Skin